Pipe Cleaning for


Cleaning of waste water pipelines

With waste water lines of all types, heavy deposits build-up which impedes the free-flow of the waste water in the pipeline within the shortest amounts of time. Our cleaning takes place quickly and effectively. Even the largest pipe diameter with the most tenacious deposits doesn’t stop our cleaning techniques. Independent of the cross-section of the lines, the forks and bends, STOCKSIEFEN pipe cleaning has a fitting solution to all situations.

Also for dumps:

  • Waste water lines
  • Seepage water pressure lines

STOCKSIEFEN pipe cleaning is the ideal and reliable partner for the communal waste water supply!

STOCKSIEFEN cleans the following with special high pressure:

  • Tank systems
  • Tank pits
  • Other repositories
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air coolers


Municipal water supply
Municipal water supply