Pipe cleaning

for Industry and Communities

„STOCKSIEFEN pipe cleaning – your problem solver for every situation!“

Pipe cleaning rather than new installation

Just as our service motto indicates, our activities and products have been available since 1991 for a huge number of customers from industry and local authority districts. Our cleaning methods for pipelines and pipeline systems are highly effective and tuned specifically for each industry’s respective requirements. Whether water, waste water, or gas, even the hardest deposits in pipes, tank systems and repositories are no problem for us. During this time, corporations and public law facilities have come to know and appreciate us as a professional partner.

Our guarantees for a professional and optimum solution of your problems:

  • highly qualified specialized staff
  • a factory and equipment founded on the most up-to-date technology
  • long-standing experience and developed specialized Know-how (i.e. salamander technology and special high pressure cleaning)
  • certified according to the current international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

No matter where your location in Europe may be, whether Munich, London, Rome or Stockholm, we are there for you with our competence and experience.

Our specially developed products are in demand worldwide. We guarantee an immediate and smooth dispatch handling.

Chief Operating Officer Stocksiefen GmbH

peter stocksiefen joerg stocksiefen
Peter Stocksiefen
Company Founder / Former Management
Jörg Stocksiefen
Chief Operating Officer