Pigging for Communities, Power Plants and Industries

The pigging service is performed by our trained professionals using specialized pigs. Our customers from communities, power plants, and industries rely on our decades of experience in the field of cleaning pressurized pipelines.


  • Insufficient flow rates
  • Cloudy drinking water
  • Rising energy costs
  • Reduced pump lifespan due to increased wear and tear
  • Higher operating costs
  • Failure of the entire pipeline system if not cleaned in a timely manner – may require reinstallation.


  • Gentle and thorough cleaning
  • Residue-free removal of even the toughest deposits
  • Minimal operational interruption due to fast working process
  • Purely mechanical operation without chemical additives
  • Cleaning of long pipelines without the need for intermediate openings
  • Suitable for all types of pipe materials, including cast iron, steel, plastic, concrete, clay, etc.


At the beginning of the cleaning process, the pipeline is opened at both ends and the device is inserted. The client only needs to provide the required flushing medium. If necessary, pumps will be used by us.

The applied cleaning technique is based on a purely mechanical working principle, where the device independently moves through the pipeline system.

The device is powered by water pressure (without the need for hoses and cables). In special cases, we also use other driving media. The position of the device can be tracked at any time using a built-in transmitter.

The deposits are dissolved, crushed, and flushed in the cleaning direction towards the end of the pipeline, where they are intentionally disposed of.


After the cleaning process, the pipeline values are often better than those of a newly installed pipeline, as it also removes foreign objects such as welding beads. In most cases, the deposits are gently and completely removed in a single cleaning operation.